What are popular courses?

Popular courses are a prominent section on Edunews that will provide you with the latest information on the most popular course in a specialized institution. This section caters the current need of finding the most in-demand courses as well as colleges in the ever-changing field of education. The institutions and their prominent courses listed in the popular courses section, helps in simplifying your search for the best possible career, course and college.

Can Edunews help me find the right college?


Edunews will guide you through every step of the journey so that you make an informed career and college decision. We have a thoughtfully designed, user-friendly tool to help you find the best college for your desired course. We provide you with simplified options to pursue your higher education be it engineering, medical, law, management and everything in-between. It’s as easy as clicking on the links mentioned below and selecting the institution that best suits your needs.

Can I make the right career choice on Edunews?


Edunews will help you decide the right choice of career. We have a dedicated tool for career which will easily guide you through the challenge of making the perfect career choice after your XII. Our career section will provide you with all the information regarding your dream career including eligibility, admission, job profile and opportunity.

Does Edunews give the latest news in education?


The news section on Edunews website will provide you with the latest information on the happenings in the world of education. Find up-to-date information from exam results, to exam schedules, job opportunities, admissions, human interest articles, information directly from our partner institutions and much more.

Can Edunews help me find scholarship?


Edunews has a dedicated tool for you to find scholarships that serve your requirements best. Through the scholarship section in Edunews, you can browse through our user-friendly pool of scholarships containing latest information. Our scholarship section will provide you with all the necessary information concerning every scholarship that best suits your needs

Is there study abroad option in Edunews?


Edunews has specially created a study abroad section for students aspiring to pursue their education abroad. We provide you with the latest information concerning the colleges, courses, exams required, funding options, application process, visa requirements, etc. You can select colleges by course and by stream for bachelors and masters and then find more information regarding the college or university. Through study abroad section, Edunews will help and guide your to the course and college abroad that best fulfills your career goal.